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The program is CONFIDENTIAL, INDIVIDUAL and HOLISTIC with a customized schedule.

Apply by entering your details below. In the coming days, you will be called by one of our expert coaches for EXCELLENCE WELLBEING and he will explain in more detail the course of analysis and support.

If you decide on the program, we will make sure that you achieve 100% of your goals!

For all additional information we are available at: +386 (0) 68 601 325 and

Your body will be thankful!
You will receive the e-mail for further information.

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Can you keep a balance between all the important areas in the long run?


Introductory comprehensive analysis of psycho-physical condition according to

the 24-hour HRV method or laboratory tests.

8-week intensive program with experts:


  • Marija Lucija Antolič, Ph.D. med. (specialization in labor, transport and sports)

  • Gregor Kralj, Ph.D. med. (family medicine specialist)

  • mag. Ana Stepančič and dr. Iva Lovšin Kukman (clinical dietetics)

  • Boštjan Holobar (kinesiology) and Simon Dovč (physiotherapy)

  • Klavdija Blažič and mag. Staš Žnidar (psychotherapy)

EASY and LONG-TERM to healthy living habits that are perfectly adapted to your body, characteristics and schedule.

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses of the body and psychological orientation!



We guarantee you 100% success, as we offer individual monitoring and constant support.


If you know someone who would be helped by the program, please send them this e-mail.

The program is intended primarily for overwhelmed & tired people and anyone who does not feel great.


The number of places is limited on a monthly basis, which is why we put you on the waiting list. As soon as it's your turn, we'll call you and arrange a course of action.

We also provide an 8-week program to all companies

who want to get involved in a workplace health promotion program.

See more information about the HRV method!

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