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INTENSIVE 1-month Heart Vibe Program

INTENSIVE 1-month Heart Vibe Program


INTENSIVE 1-month Heart-Vibe program with dietitian, kinesiologist and psychotherapist


What do you receive?

It is difficult to start and stick to the regular exercise, diet, mental & emotional stability. 

The intensive program lasts only 1 MONTH and you learn learn all the essential basics of healthy living that you incorporate into your daily activities.

This is the first COMPLEX and EASY program designed by the experts and based on measurable results of your body. 



First, perform an ECG 24-hour measurement.

Why? Your personality and body functioning is completely revealed. Based on this objective data, our experts get an insight into your day-night spectrogram, which shows your physical and mental well-being after eating, physical activity, a stressful event at work or at home, your level of relaxation, what motivates you, what bores you and much more.

Your heart does not lie and reveals only the true facts about you. Find out about your:

- actual biological age

- stress level and burnout resistance

- what are your foundations for regeneration

- more than 30 other parameters that show your biological conditions in comparison to more than 30,000 active users.

Look at your life from a different perspective!



What can you do with the results, if you are not sure what parameters are saying? 

Also, even if you are now fully aware of where your hidden reserves are and where are the opportunities for improvement, it is importnat that you do something about it.

Our experts have the appropriate training and are certificated for consulting in the field of HRV.