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You heart is your health, shop now! 

Everything you need to know about your HeartVibe HRV

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Heart rate variability ECG device measures variability between the beats of your heart. While you are resting, your heart beats slower and when you are running it beats faster. 


Whether you need to rest or run is not regulates by your heart, but your autonomic nervous system. Sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system increases your heart rate and parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system decreases you heart rate so that you body regenerates. 

Simple home measurement with extensive report

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Does your body regenerate or you are ruining it


Find out if your body is recovering enough. There should be a balance between recovering time and performance time. The graph below is showing the person who is working more than regenerating. This way we can clearly see that you can be on the way to burnout.

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